Modern medicine fights with diseases that appear because of disbalance in human's body. Gifts of nature help to prevent this kind of problems with health. Plants are our true helpers in recovery, keeping harmony and natural strength of the body, they bring our body and soul into balance and help in detox. We adapt plants for the most pleasant and beneficial use.

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The best organic herbs for your health!
Ancient technologies - modern approach.

Our production

We product herbal tea, northern incense, natural cosmetic, herbal blends for bathhouse. Also we gather herbs, roots and berries of excellent quality.


We are a team of like-minded people who feel the connection with nature. We combine city life in a small northern Russian town and various activities outdoors.

Sales Outlets

You can buy out products in retail stores of our partners in Russia.
We cooperate with the best representatives of eco-market. We prefer to build close trust-based relationships on individual mutual agreed conditions.
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